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Theatre Troupe

(Audition/ Invitation Only- 8-14)

An audition-based performance and competition troupe, Theatre Troupe will include the true “triple threat”.  Not only will mock auditions be given quarterly.  But, Theatre Troupe members will be a part of our competition circuit and will prepare production numbers with live vocals, choreography, props, and costumes each year.  Theatre Troupe members will also prepare showcase-specific pieces, in addition to their competition routine(s).  Troupe members also have the privilege of performing in outside community/charity events.  Theatre Troupe students are the most unique of our classes, as they not only perform for the winter and summer Theatre Showcases but will be included in our year-end dance recital. *Students must have completed at least (2) years in a Musical Theatre class or audition for placement.




Congratulations to our Platinum-scoring, Broadway Star award winners at Access Broadway! 

Our performers received this esteemed honor out of the entire musical theatre division!  

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